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Every month the Bhaktivedanta Ashram feeds over 6,000 needy children in the drought and flood afflicted areas of Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, which comprise some of the poorest regions of India. Below you can find some recent reports of our activities, or if you click the picture above you can be taken to our picture gallery.

Food Distribution at School in Vijayaramapuram Village, Andhra Pradesh

Some pictures from food distribution at a school in Vijayaramapuram Village, which is located in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh.

Food Distribution in Donkada Village, Andhra Pradesh

Some pictures from food distribution in Donkada Village, which is located in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh.

Food Distribution in Pandirivalasa Village, Andhra Pradesh

Pandirivalasa village is a tribal (adivasi) hamlet located near the tourist hillstation of Anantagiri. This village is located very remotely near the mountains and forests, away from any town or modern facilities, the nearest small town being 20 kilometers away. The surrounding area is a beautiful and natural place, with lots of mountains, forests, waterfalls and so on. [Video Inside]

Food Distribution in Potnuru Village School, Andhra Pradesh

We would like to share some photos and video clips from some of the recent food distribution programs conducted by our Ashram in Andhra Pradresh. This set of photos is from Potnuru village, in Vishakapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. Potnuru is an ancient historical village in Padmanabham Mandalam. It is said that Sri Krishna Deva Raya, the emperor of the Vijayanagar kingdom, visited this place long ago and a memorial is there in the village to remind us of the royal visit. [Video Inside]

Update on Food Relief Programs in Andhra Pradesh

We would like to give you a small update on the food relief activities being run from our Ashram in Andhra Pradesh. We initially launched the food relief activities in Andhra Pradesh one and a half years ago, and since then we have been able to distribute spiritual food to over 150,000 people in the districts of Vizianagaram and Vishakapatnam. The devotees have been cooking and distributing food 15 to 20 days each month without fail, feeding 500 to 700 people each day. [Video Inside]

School Uniforms for Children in Vizianagaram

This month we were approached by Mr. Victor, the principal of Mandal Parishad Primary School in the rural village of Jonnavalasa, Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh. He heard of our ashram's food distribution programs in Vizianagaram and requested us to do something for the children in his school. Already the children receive daily meals from the government, through the national mid-day meal program, so we asked in what way we could be of assistance. He replied that the children could use school uniforms, as their families cannot afford them. [Video Inside]

Food Relief launched in Andhra Pradesh

We are happy to inform you that the Bhaktivedanta Ashram has recently begun food distribution programs in Andhra Pradesh. Currently we are conducting the activities throughout Vizianagaram district based from our ashram located in Vizianagaram, in the North of Andhra Pradesh. In the initial stages we are planning to distribute food 15 times a month in various tribal villages within 100 kilometers of our ashram.

Distribution of School Supplies at Bhadrak Primary School

Enclosed are some recent photographs of a program for 300 children at Bhadrak Primary School. We have begun distribution of school supplies to poor students in rural areas who are unable to afford their own. We do not want children to feel discouraged from studying due to the expenses involved in purchasing basic things like notebooks, pens and school uniforms.

Food Relief for the Children of Ulanga

Below are a few recent photos of the food distribution program we are conducting in the village of Ulanga. Ulanga is a small village located around 5 km from our relief center in Randiya. Like Randiya, it is also an adivasi (tribal) village. We humbly request you to keep the children of Ulanga in your daily prayers.

Toys for the Children of Randiya

In our previous newsletter we showed you pictures and a video of the children of Randiya and the weekly food distribution we conduct in that village. For the new year we thought it would be nice to give these children a small gift that they could really relate to, something that would allow them to just be children for a day. [Video Inside]

Meet the Children of Randiya

Randiya is a very poor rural village located around 20 km away from our main Ashram in Orissa. The village consists of people from the adivasi (tribal) community. Around two years ago, the Bhaktivedanta Ashram opened a relief center here and began regular distribution of free meals to more than 300 children of the village. Since that time we have been able to distribute over 44,000 meals to these wonderful children. [Video Inside]

Food Relief Started in Ugalpur (Orissa)

Another village has been added to our food relief program in Orissa. The village of Ugalpur is located around 6 kilometers outside of Bhadrak. Here are a few photos of the children from this village and the recent food distribution. We have also included a three minute video clip at the top of the page. [Video Inside]

Food Relief Begins in Bagurai Leprosy Colony

This month we have begun food distribution in a new village, Bagurai Leprosy Colony, located a few kilometers outside of Bhadrak, in Orissa. As the name implies, most of the children in the village have parents affected by leprosy. This makes it even harder for their families to earn money, and take care of the children properly. We are trying to provide a little help in the form of spiritual food, so that the children can at least receive a few nourishing meals.

Quarterly Report (November, 2006)

The last few months have been a time of increased activity for us. In September, a renewal of monsoon rains led to severe flooding throughout Orissa, leaving more than 1.5 million people homeless in the state. Every year Orissa seems to bear the brunt of monsoon flooding in India, but this year it was even more so, with miles and miles of land submerged under water.

Rural Relief Center Opened in Randiya

Recently the Bhaktivedanta Ashram opened a new rural relief center in Randiya, approximately 20 km away from our main Ashram in Orissa. With cooperation from the local villagers, a small piece of land was given to us for establishing a permanent relief center in the village. The village consists of people from the very poor adivasi (tribal) community. More than 300 children in the village attend regular programs at the new center.

Update on Tamil Nadu Relief Efforts

Our team of volunteers in Tamil Nadu have been extremely busy over the last few months working tirelessly to help as many people as possible recover following the disaster.  Besides feeding thousands of people, we have also distributed over 1,000 blankets to families affected by the disaster. The emergency situation is now slowly returning to normal and we will begin focusing on more long term help for the children affected by this disaster.

Relief Needed for Children Affected by Tsunami

In response to the recent tsunami, the Bhaktivedanta Ashram has sent a team of volunteers to Tamil Nadu to carry out relief work to help the victims. Due to the long term effects of this disaster, the Bhaktivedanta Ashram has opened a permanent relief center in Chennai so that relief activities can continue even after the immediate media attention dies down.

Quarterly Report (October, 2004)

This month we have completed a new annadana hall at our Ashram in Bhadrak, Orissa where we are conducting the Nitya Annadana Seva program for daily feeding needy children with spiritual food. Below you can see some of the pictures of the hall from the beginning stages up to completion.

Quarterly Report (May, 2004)

Last December, following completion of the rainy season, work commenced on the Bhaktivedanta Ashram's school project in Orissa. The first phase of work was to fill a number of large ponds on the land and then raise the total land above flood levels. The size of the present land is aproximately 20,000 square feet, or nearly half an acre. Over 1,300 tractor loads of dirt and sand were required to fill and raise the land. Immediately after filling the land, a 10 ton steam roller was used to compress the dirt, followed by building of a high compound wall around the entire school compound.

Quarterly Report (December, 2003)

Recently we have started an informal school for poor children from nearby areas around our Ashram, and around 150 children are attending each day. Many of these children would previously spend their time begging, rummaging through garbage piles, and doing other such activities. One by one we have met with these children and spoken to them about the importance of their life and convinced them to change their lifestyle by taking interest in learning. To see the transformation of these children was amazing.

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