Food Distribution in Chinnapuram Village, Andhra Pradesh

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Chinnapuram village is located around 10 kms from Vizianagaram town. It is a small village on the state highway between Bhubaneswar and Visakhapatnam. Most of the residents of Chinnapuram are not having stable employment or regular incomes. So for the children of the village, our foodrelief programme is always welcome.

We had prepared pulao, koorma, jilebis, fried rings, etc. The people of the village were very happy to see us and they organised themselves to recieve the prasadam.

We conducted the distribution in three batches. For the last batch we fed all of the children of the village from the Government Primary school. The teachers were kind enough to give them leave to attend this program.

At the end of the program, the village residents were very happy that we had come to their village. All of them thanked us for the nice prasadam and we promised to meet them again.

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46 comments on “Food Distribution in Chinnapuram Village, Andhra Pradesh

  1. I hearty pray the god reduce this type of poverty to our country. Definitely I can also help some what my side in future.

  2. A very heart touching and we need to think about our inclination for our commitment towards society. Today big big building owners forget these things as what is their commitment for the mankind they made before they were given birth by their parents. I salute the persons involved in this noble act to enrich them with the blessings of these poor people

  3. Our governments are also capable of organising such free food programme. But there is lot of politics involved. NGOs must be encouraged in large numbers without involving political leaders. Citizens should also cooperate by getting due benefit but not lean on such arrangements on permanent basis and avoid doing physical work.

  4. chinnapuram village food distribution is good one.. But “no stable income” –Is there is any chance for creating employment so that they earn their own food …

  5. Really great work. God will shower his blessings on all the people who served for this noble cause.

  6. Nice article — talks about the wonderful service that is being rendered — feeding people , especially children , is a noble activity . It’s a duty , as you have rightly pointed out — The Lord Almighty will certainly be pleased with this great initiative — As an Indian , & as a human being , I am proud that people like you are doing wonderful work — I am a retired teacher , I may not be able to give donations , but my prayers are with you for the continued success of this program — KASI NAGARAJAN .

  7. Dear Sir
    Today’s Subject od “ANNA NEEDHAM” found good

    Best regards

  8. Giving food to the poor people who cannot earn their day to day living is great help in this world. Those who are doing this help to the people really great and wishing them to continue their support to the people who need help always. But Andhra government should take necessary steps to provide regular employment to the village people to improve their life style very stable and give proper education to the village children. Villages are india’s back born with out villages India cannot strong in any field. Jai Seetha Ramji Ki Jai. Bharatha Maatha Ki Jai – Vande Maatharam – Jai Hind Servicing to the downtrodden People should grow in India. There is real happy in that. All the very Best. BS Ganesun / Singapore

  9. I salute the person involved in this noble act to enrich them with the blessings of these poor people.
    great work ,god bless you all.

  10. wonderful work done..agreed…great job…why don’t you create some opportunities to work and earn, so that they can earn their own food..of course it is government has to do….providing food for one day or two may they are happy and who provides also happy…as a organization may provide required skills or small scale units and provide them employment will be helpful ?? it is my opinion..

  11. Sirs, You have done noble job. Heartiest Congratulations to you the entire team. My prayers for you all .May God bless you all. Send me your complete address, bank details on which I can send my small contribution . Thanks.

  12. Hatsoff where GOD has given the opportunity to you all people. but you have deserved to do the upliftment for the village.


  14. Giving food to poor people is indeed a very noble thing. It deserves a lot of appreciation. But the problem is that we need food every now and then, that is two or three times a day. This can be achieved if people can earn by doing jobs. So the authorities should try their best to create jobs.

  15. U all are doing a great job,god bless u all,i want to help u and want to participate in your programe ,please inform me is it possible or not.

  16. Respected Sir,
    You and your team are doing a very noble and commendable job.Hats off to you all & God Bless!
    Wishing you and your team all the very best .
    Best Regards,
    Pooja Nag
    South Africa

  17. Service to the needy is like service to GOD
    May GOD bless you all for your support to the poor.

  18. Excellent! May God bless you for your support to the poor and needy peoples. Congratulations to you and the entire team.

    Warm regards,

    Desh Raj Sharma

  19. God Bless You all, Can i be a part of this divine contribution
    I am be obliged to do something
    I love doing Bhandaras specially for children
    Please do let me know and guide me
    Thank you

  20. I really like this kind of job. I will do in the future. I will create my own organization and do it this kind of work.

    Grand salute to those who are doing currently. May God bless them.

  21. Serving food to the hungry and poor people is really a noble activity. In many scriptures it is mentioned that out of all danams Annadanam is of supreme nature because this is the only activity where one feels contented and can say ” yes! this is sufficient. I need no more”. Feeding poor is tantamount to feeding Hari, the great almighty. God’s blessings to those who are all involved in this noble work.

    In addition to above activity Bhaktivedanta Trust can throw some light in organising the funds for rain water harvesting activity which can offer perennial availability of water to the villages. For this organisers can take the help of the villagers through their “Shramadanam” so that labour component can be saved which can be put as a fund for maintenance of the water harvesting activity. If water harvesting can be made successful in large scale this also helps for growth in agriculture activity.
    We wish the team all the best.

  22. doing wonderful job by feeding poor people.Hatsoff to all the persons involved in this programme.

  23. very noble and fantastic job indeed!! Wish there are many more organizations, primarily government based to continue distributing food to the needy in other parts of the country as well. I wonder, whether it is possible for the big hotel owners to organize excess edible and safe food generated everyday to be diverted to this organizations? or help them have access to the hotels every day? I am sure this will enable the Relief Food Organization to provide food to many more villages not listed here. Cheers wish you God’s blessings for all your endeavors.

    Dr.Chandran, Malaysia

  24. A good job, that too voluntary, is more and more appreciative. May God give strength and finance in time to your organization. No words to express, than this.

  25. Thanks for the great seva undertaken by your esteem organization. This is what we need now. Not expensive golden domes and decorations. Christianity is exploiting poverty by reaching such poor hindus. Only way to save our faith is by doing such seva. Everyone should do something within their means. Please advise who to contact to contribute and help in the service.

  26. Still now there are many people who are in need of food.Everyonone is equal before God Dont waste the food.I should learn from this children the value of food.

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