Food Distribution in Potnuru Village School, Andhra Pradesh

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We would like to share some photos and video clips from some of the recent food distribution programs conducted by our Ashram in Andhra Pradresh. This set of photos is from one of our school programs at Potnuru village, in Vishakapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh.

Potnuru is an ancient historical village in Padmanabham Mandalam. It is said that Sri Krishna Deva Raya, the emperor of the Vijayanagar kingdom, visited this place long ago and a memorial is there in the village to remind us of the royal visit.

The people of this village like our food distribution program very much and the children follow our vehicle running along with it from the entrance of the village till we reach the school. As usual, the children’s favorite items are the small fried crispy chips called as “Gavvalu”, and the sweets.

The joy on the faces of the children after taking prasadam is our inspiration for increasing this program and making it better.

As food prices in India are increasing, many children tell that in their families good meals have become a luxury. In these families somehow the mother works as a labourer and gets 100 rupees a day to maintain their family. When there is no work, there is no money.

If they haveĀ  a dress, they dont have footwear and if they they get footwear they dont have a good dress. Sometimes, the only good dress they have is the school dress which is given free by the government. In these circumstances, our food relief program is being appreciated by both the children and the parents in these areas.

We keep getting requests by phone from teachers of schools in the poorer areas to bring our food distribution program to their schools. Sometimes the students themselves force the teachers to call us if we dont go to their particular school for sometime.

Thank you to all our friends and devotees who have helped sponsor these food distribution programs. Also, we are always in need of volunteers to help cook and distribute, so if you live near to Vizianagaram, please come to the ashram and participate in this program.

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