Request for Help for Chennai Flood Relief

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Dear friends and devotees,

This week the city of Chennai was hit with severe flooding which resulted in most of the city being inaccessible. Our ashram is located in the south of Chennai at Tharamani, which was also heavily affected by the floods. For the last 5 days there has been no electricity, and food and drinking water were hard to come by.

To make it worse, there was a near complete failure of all cell phone towers and ATMs, and all roads leading into the city were submerged, blocking delivery of essentials such as water, milk, vegetables and food. We heard rumours of water bottles being sold for 150 rs. each, but even those were nowhere to be found.

With the help of some local devotees we immediately began cooking and distributing large pots of sambhar rice to the areas around our ashram. Since banks had completely shut down even getting money to buy groceries to cook was difficult, but some local devotees helped out and provided the initial money to purchase supplies. Some other shops agreed to provide us rice and dahl on credit.

We were lucky that our water tanks were full just before the electric systems failed, as this allowed us to continue cooking for all of the days. We would also keep our large cooking pots on the roof to catch rain water at night, and the rain was so heavy they would fill up in an hour.

We have been cooking 4 or 5 large pots of sambhar rice each day, distributing some in front of our ashram and some in different localities when ever a vehicle is available. The rains have started to subside, and today for the first time they have restored electricity in our area for a few hours. This will help a lot as our main worry was shortage of clean water, and now we can pump water from our borewell.

The main roads have begun to dry, but most of the interior residential roads are filled with water. In some areas near Tharamani railway station the water is still too deep for anyone to try to enter even for relief work. We plan to continue cooking and distributing food this entire month, as many people will find it impossible to get cooking gas, water, food, etc. In addition to this many people will be unable to work or earn a living for some time.

We request those of you able to help to please contribute towards this relief work. Below are some pictures of the relief work we have been carrying out over the last few days. We are continuing this every day now as long as supplies are available.

Yours in service,
Jahnava Nitai Das

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32 comments on “Request for Help for Chennai Flood Relief

  1. Great service!
    May God bless all those involved in this service.
    Manushya roopayna deivam

  2. Bhagavan will open a clear path to overcome this difficult times to everyone especially those affected. The ashrahmum is doing a great service by providing the foods in its capability to whoever it needed. God bless

  3. Excellent job done. May God give all the strength tocontinue your services in the larger interests of Humanity.

  4. a really great service, very much required now, wish you all success in your efforts to benifit more people in distress. Institutions like you reminds our sanathana dharma. my pranams to all those who are serving the distress and appreciations.

  5. Dear Team Members


  6. Excellent job!!!
    GOD bless the entire team and give strength to continue the service.

  7. Your work is really a Godly Job…. Everywhere in Tamilnadu , true human beings are extending help. Great…Humanity brought into the Light in a large scale.. We all need to keep it .. Don’t give up and wait for next disaster (it shouldn’t).

  8. great work people; God bless you all, i prayer for your well being and health…..bhagwanji aap sab par apna kripa banaye rakhe…

  9. Dear ALL,

    A GREAT service from all of you at the RIGHT time and wish GOD gives you all full strength and blessings for your services.

  10. Really doing a yeomen service to the people of chennai in their hour of need.

    Great work being done . May god bless them all and give them strength and desire to help all, till the last person, who is in need.

  11. It is creation of God in Kaliyuga – specially in Chennai to ensure the the People with little comfort taking care of discomfort and suffering. It is not rich and poor difference. Many rich are are on the roads serving food and other items and same time many poor are with the rich telling them they are with them if their near and dear are not with them,

    Opportunity for all of us changing attitudes towards fellow human beings and remembering that we are basically humans.

    Great job.. Please keep helping.God will take care of you.

  12. Everyone should salute all of you ‘godly human’ work. Pray for your perfect health and wealth for more and more good contribution.

  13. The flood has badly damaged many people hard-earned property .It is time to help our people who are in need. We are very much thankful to the organisations and groups directly involved in rendering the services to the flood victims, who are treating them as representatives of God.

  14. HARE KRSHNA indeed its a great service been provided by ISCON devotees to the needy once. Hari Bol.

  15. Great Work! We will participate soon with you
    Please let us know the option to send money in Rupees.
    Also I am ready to collect and send some essentials and cloths. (next week) Please let us know the groups/contact details who collects these for needy people. Thanks -Rama

  16. Mutual help in time of difficulties is unique to humanity. It is a spark of divinity in humankind.

  17. People have started realizing the human value without any caste, colour or creed after this flood like situation. No Politician can divide the human chain and bonding in future. This is the time that every one should think and be courage and brave . The services rendered is far excellency and appreciation can not be written in words but engraved in golden letters.

  18. Excellent job by all that participated in giving relief to the poor stranded people in floods ! God Bless them all .D V JVittal

  19. wishing a better world where we shall all sit and eat peacefully after our prayers, good god bring new hope for us please.

  20. Im mesmerized with your wonderful hearts. May bhagawan shower you with full of love.

  21. Dear All,

    Please love nature, protect it. Please think about our earth. When you love that, you will be saved other wise we have face which is seen in Channai. Everyday pry for everyone and do good for our mother earth and keep it clean, save water, air. Please do not occupy tank bund, channels, water bodies banks.. pl allow for water flow easily.. completely stop plastic carry bags and always dispose the pl to re-cyclers only, do not through on ground…………. Sarvo Jano Sukinobhavanthu

  22. God bless me. Lift me up and open my ways and i wil pertake in helping the poor and the needy

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