U.N. report: more than one-third of Indian children are malnourished

India accounts for 57 million of the world’s 146 million malnourished children.

It has the same rate of malnutrition as Ethiopia (47 per cent) and Nepal and Bangladesh (48 per cent). This is in stark contrast with the figures for China (eight per cent), Thailand (18) and even Afghanistan (39), according to a global report released by the United Nations Children’s Fund here on Wednesday.

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India struggles to get relief to flood victims

Authorities in the eastern Indian state of Orissa are struggling to get relief to hundreds of thousands of people who have been stranded after floods submerged their homes, officials said today.

The floods, triggered by India’s annual monsoon rains over the last week, have forced 1.5 million from their homes and damaged thousands of acres of paddy crop in the eastern coastal areas of the state.

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Maharashtra Floods; Death Toll May Reach 1,000

BOMBAY, India – Hundreds of angry demonstrators blocked traffic for hours Saturday to demand restoration of drinking water and electricity and clearing of rotting animal carcasses after this week’s monsoon rains in western India. Officials said the death toll could reach 1,000.

Rescuers found more than 100 bodies in the debris of collapsed homes Saturday, bringing the official death toll from the devastating floods in Bombay and the surrounding Maharashtra state to 853. They fear more bodies are buried in remote areas, and the death toll could increase by 100 to 150, said Chief Secretary Prem Kumar, the state’s top bureaucrat.

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Entire district facing starvation in Arunachal Pradesh

Itanagar, June 23.(PTI): A population of 57,000 in Arunachal Pradesh’s East Kameng district faced certain starvation with no rice supplies from Food Corporation of India (FCI), it was officially stated today.

Demands for immediate air dropping of rice and other food items supplied by Fair Price Shops were made by the All Nyishi Students Union as they claimed people not only of Kameng but also of Kurung Kumey district seldom received essentials carried by porters after air dropping was stopped.

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Faiths find common ground in fighting hunger

When she began planning the Interfaith Hunger Convocation six months ago, North Texas Food Bank CEO Jan Pruitt wondered whether it could even be organized without offending someone.

She soon discovered that Christians, Jews, Hindus and Muslims can agree on at least one thing: Fighting hunger is a holy undertaking.

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The plight of children in India

A recent Unicef 2005 report on the state of the world’s children under the title “Childhood Under Threat” says that over one billion children, half of the world’s population of children, have been denied their childhood. Poverty and AIDS have prevented the world from meeting the goals on their improvement. Their right to a healthy life as adopted in the 1989 convention is often endangered by the failure of governments to carry out human rights and economic reforms. It is reported that some 640 million children lack adequate shelter; 400 million have no access to safe drinking water; 270 million lack health care amenities and 140 million — mostly girls — have never been to school. It was earlier reported that more than 150 million children are malnourished worldwide.

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Massive Response to December’s Tsunami Stopped Tens of Thousands More Deaths

Two months ago, the international community launched the world’s biggest humanitarian operation in response to the December 26 tsunami, which killed close to 290,000 people in the Indian Ocean. The mammoth aid effort helped prevent tens of thousands of more lives being lost to hunger and disease.

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